Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Another Lesson Learned

Two sets of tracks?

Well your intrepid crew has learned a lesson today. They left Pelican Bay knowing that the winds were only forecast at 5 knots or less. Being smart and savy people they chose to motor along the Gulf Intercoastal Waterway(GIWW) instead of going out into the gulf. This plan was working really well as they arrived at the Boca Grande Bridge just minutes before it's scheduled opening time. They motored confidently up to the bridge and waited a few minutes until realizing the bridge was not going to open for them. The crew hailed the bridge tender who politely informed them that the bridge was under repair until September 18th.

A long motor both ways.

2 hours of motoring and no other passages out to the gulf. They glumly motored the 2 hours back to Pelican Bay to reset the anchor. Lesson learned. Never assume that a bridge that is posted to open every half hour will necessarily follow that plan.

So early a.m. tomorrow the crew will head out into the gulf to sail north toward Sarasota. They sure hope this is a one way trip.



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