Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Hunkered Down In Carrabelle

The lousy weather continues, so we are staying put in Carrabelle for a while. The rain comes in like a commuter train at a busy station. All is quiet for a while then another deluge of water. Wait a bit and the next one will be right along.

We get out between "stops" and wander the old town, watch DVD's, do laundry and waste the rest of the time away. Yesterday we wandered over to Carrabelle Junction which is an old school ice cream shop. Lots of neat decorations including the red vinyl booths.

We took our picture next to the World's Smallest Police Station The Packers were on Monday Night Football, so we walked over to Harry's Bar to watch the game. It was fun to see them play again.

The rain continued all night and is currently pounding on our boat's cabin top. Guess it is time to watch a movie.


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