Saturday, September 5, 2015

BVI Trip - Days 14 and 15

We feel bad that we didn't finish detailing our 20 day BVI charter. Since our refit and cruise started we have been posting about our current shenanigans rather than completing the BVI story. We told you about day 13 last time, so here we go with the next couple of days.

Arriving in Leinster Bay, St. John USVI we awoke to a new tropical playground. The trusty dinghy took us to shore so we could tour the ruins of a sugar plantation. The plantations are always fascinating and the views of the bay truly remarkable. Once again this was Brenda's favorite bay.


The group decided to head for Soper's Hole to check back into the BVI. As we sailed toward Soper's Hole Mike reminded Karen and Peter that there was a massage parlor available there. That certainly perked up their ears as they quickly made plans for a quick provisioning trip, lunch and massages. Karen and Peter came back from their massages looking rested and very relaxed.

Next up in our list of bays was Cane's Garden Bay, Tortola. This bay has a reputation of beautiful scenery and great local music. We motored and sailed around to the bay and found plenty of empty mooring balls to choose from. The chickens crowed so loudly as we motored in to the mooring field that we could hear them easily over the diesel noise.

The girls got out their pretty dresses and we went ashore to find some food and music. We landed in Myett's Restaurant and it fit the bill perfectly. We dined on tasty food as the sunset framed the bay for us. The local reggae band was terrific and soon we were all dancing our hearts out. Yes kids, even Mike was on the floor having a ball.

We returned exhausted to the boat for a Drambuie sundowner to cap off a day to remember.

The next morning Mike and Brenda wanted to wander the little town while Karen and Peter felt like sailing. So, that is what we did. Mike and Brenda hiked around the town and toured a tiny old rum distillery while Karen and Peter sailed north of Tortola and later returned to catch a mooring ball on their own. Way to go guys!

After fueling up the dinghy outboard we headed out once again in the direction of Norman Island. Once there we found a mooring ball and dinghied ashore to swim on the beach. All this activity had everyone starving, so we headed back to our sailboat for another great meal aboard. This chartering is getting addictive.



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