Monday, September 7, 2015

Properly Propped

John from Mariner's Mobile Marine in Rotonda, Florida brought our repaired prop back yesterday. He had previously removed and delivered it to Coastal Prop Tech, Inc. out of Cape Coral for a Class I restoration. (Class I is one step below racing perfect.) It turned out that all three blades were set at different pitches which likely caused our shaft vibration. John painted the prop with 2 layers of Interlux 2000 primer and some hard Trinidad paint to help keep the sea life from calling it home.

John re-installed the prop while the boat was still in a wet slip. The cola colored water of the Peace River made the job pretty difficult, but John expertly did the job. When we turned the little Yanmar diesel on it was wonderful to hear and feel a smooth operating drive shaft. The final test will come tomorrow when we leave Fishermen's Village Marina in search of a new spot to drop our anchor.

If you need repair work done on your boat in this area, we highly recommend the three companies we have worked with during this refit. Norm's Prop and Repair, Coastal Prop Technology and Mariner's Mobile Marine.


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  1. I'm enjoying following your adventures. Love the coverage of the BVI and even the prop repair. I kayaked the Peace River...saw my first 9' gator sunning himself on the mudbank. Best to you both, great friends!!!