Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Ernie T

We bought this awesome little AB Inflatable dinghy with a fiberglass hull to be our car on the water. It came with the nice chaps to protect the tubes from UV rays and deterioration. Mike painted the name on some spare blue canvas and then Brenda sewed them onto the chaps. Now the dinghy is officially named "The Ernie T" after Brenda's late father. It is powered by a brand new Tohatsu 4HP 4 stroke outboard. We have been having fun cruising the canals with The Ernie T each evening as we break in the the outboard.

Brenda's sewing machine has been busy making other items like curtains and organizers for Wrinkles as well as the cover for the new outboard. Now we look forward to getting our propeller back on Wrinkles so we can explore some new areas.


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