Sunday, September 27, 2015

Carrabelle, Florida

Brenda rocking away at C-Quarters Marina

We motored down the Carrabelle River toward C-Quarters Marina for a few days of rest and relaxation. We selected this marina based on the glowing recommendations on Active Captain. C-Quarters Marina is exactly what we hoped it would be - a huge old porch with rocking chairs overlooking the shrimping and fishing boats, locals hanging out on the porch solving all the world's problems while tossing their empty beer cans at the recycle bin.

Carrabelle River

We called ahead to secure a slip and the friendly staff met us at the slip to help us get tied up. The river has a strong current that is perpendicular to the slips, so entering your berth is pretty interesting. We did a decent job of getting Wrinkles into the slip and got simple nods of approval from the porch audience. Whew!

Wrinkles all tied in.

As soon as we were tied up Norm, the marina attendant, told us to take our time and then come up to the office for a cold beer. We bought a six pack of Corona while Norm grabbed a 5 gallon bucket of ice to fill the big cooler on the porch for us to keep our beer cold. We put our beer into the cooler and settled in the comfortable rocking chairs to sip and relax. Mike loves this place.

We expect 4-5 days of rain, so we are planning to do a few simple boat projects, sample the local restaurants, visit a couple of interesting spots in Carrabelle and just rock away the days. Now this is cruising.


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