Sunday, October 11, 2015

Close To Alabama

Sunset at Ft. Walton
See...we know how to sail

Our journey today took us across Pensacola Bay. We have driven here several times, but the view from the water is very different. There were barges pushing their loads and this big Navy vessel. It was a gorgeous day and for the first time we saw several sailboats out playing. We even got our sails up today! One thing about moving a boat north at this time of year is that there is a lack of wind, or when there is wind, it is right on our nose.


Tonight we are anchored at Redfish Point just west of Pensacola. This means we are only 15 miles from our winter destination of Bear Point Marina, Orange Beach. Once we pull into the slip at the marina we will have completed our first goal of moving Wrinkles from Charlotte Harbor to her winter home in Alabama. Our plan is to live aboard Wrinkles through the winter while taking short sailing excursions to Pensacola and the surrounding areas.

Redfish Point

Our anchorage tonight is busy which hasn't been the case in the last three or four weeks of travel. We have anchored or moored pretty much on our own everywhere we have stopped. Tonight we had actually planned on anchoring in Ft. McRee Cove, but being a beautiful Sunday afternoon it was overflowing with boats. We went half a mile west to our alternate anchorage, Redfish Point, which is also quite busy. There are several cruising boats here, but there is plenty of room for privacy. We took the Ernie T to the beach and walked across to the gulf side for some water and sand time. What a relaxing and beautiful area it is.

Gulf side

We look forward to seeing family and friends in Orange Beach and taking a break from the constant travel. Boat projects, beach walks, fishing, sailing excursions, bike rides....... Sounds wonderful.


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