Thursday, October 8, 2015

Mike Can Smell Tacky Jack's Fish Tacos

Bald eagle?

We put in a long day today and moved 44 miles west. Starting at Piney Point (east of Panama City) we made it all the way to the Choctawatchee Bay Bridge. It was wonderful to splash the anchor and relax for a while. Sailboats really don't get anywhere fast do they?

Boat yard near Panama City

Making our way through East Bay, St. Andrews Bay and then West Bay we enjoyed the dolphins and the large ship yards.

At the end of West Bay you enter the West Bay Creek (called the Grand Canyon locally) which is a 16 mile long wander through nothing. It is just trees, sand and brush. It seems pretty neat for about 10 miles and then you just want to be done with it. There are no stops or anchorages along the way, so you just hope nothing breaks on your boat.

Once our anchor was down we celebrated with grilled turkey burgers, coleslaw and mandarin oranges in the cockpit. A wonderful shower on the cabin top using our solar shower went a long way in making us feel human again. The pretty sunset put a close to this interesting and rewarding day.

We are just 3-4 days away from Orange Beach, AL where we will be staying put for the winter months. Mike has been dreaming about Tacky Jack's fish tacos for a while now. He can smell them just upwind.


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