Friday, October 30, 2015

Spoiled Brats

Karen's Condo

The past few days we have been living large. A nasty storm came up from the southwest that brought high winds, huge waves and some flooding to our area. The Gulf of Mexico can look real mean and nasty some times. We spent the first night aboard Wrinkles in her slip which is pretty well protected from southern winds. Wrinkles rocked a bit and the dock lines stretched enough to push her up tight to the slip pilings. Mike adjusted the lines enough to keep Wrinkles away from the pilings for the rest of the storm. The outer slips at Bear Point didn't fare as well. Several areas of the boardwalk were destroyed by the waves and the bucking boats. We sure are glad we chose an inner slip where the land acts as a barrier to storms.

The Gulf looking much calmer

Brenda's sister Karen came down to Gulf Shores for a a few days and invited us to use one of the spare rooms in her beautiful condo. Gee, stay on a rocking boat in driving rain or go to a luxury condo with a king sized bed? Yup, we chose the easy life.

We packed a couple of things up and enjoyed being spoiled until the storm ran out of energy. Each time we went over to check on Wrinkles she was doing just fine. By Wednesday the sun came out and the weather was perfect. Walks on the beach, a couple of meals out with Karen, lounging in the condo, swimming in the pool, hot tubs, hot showers, ............ Spoiled brats.

Today we will move back aboard Wrinkles as Karen and her husband fly out for a long sailboat charter. Hey, we're not the only spoiled brats around here.


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