Sunday, October 4, 2015

Finally, We Move Westward

Apalachicola Marina

After delaying several days due to lousy weather and a little "It is kind of nice here.", we untied our lines and headed west. We planned on sailing from Carrabelle to Apalchicola in 7-8 knots of wind and partially cloudy conditions. Of course the winds turned out to be 12-19 mph under mostly cloudy skies. The rain stayed away, as predicted, as we sailed or motor sailed along the well marked route. We both wore sweatshirts and jackets today as it felt like a fall day in Wisconsin.

65' bridges feel like 45'

We hoped to pull into the free municipal dock located just as you enter Apalchicola, but the dock was completely full. Brenda called one of our back up marinas and they had an opening for us. The Apalcahicola Marina is actually a gas station for boats with 4-5 dilapidated slips available for transients. Jeff assisted us in catching our lines and securing Wrinkles into an interesting slip. We looked like we knew what we were doing as the restaurant patrons watched us manuever Wrinkles into the downstream slip. We giggled when we saw the "Resturant" sign on the old building.

We cook good food, but spelling? Not so much.
Who wants oyster?

After paying for the night we wandered the cool old river town and had a very tasty supper at Boss Oysters.

Working boats.

Mike tried a couple of raw oysters as an appetizer just to say he had tried them. He won't be trying them again. We will look at the weather forecast tonight and decide if we want to explore the area tomorrow or move westward again.

For now we are cuddled in our cabin filling out our logbook with our Weems and Plath lantern making it cozy. You know what? We are cruising!



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