Sunday, October 25, 2015

Good Friends Visit

Brenda, Mike, Lance, Jo Ellen @ LuLu's

Lance and JoEllen from Wisconsin came down to visit us last week. It was really good to see our friends again and we had a lot of fun showing them Orange Beach. We enjoyed live music, great food, a dolphin excursion, Joe Patti's Seafood store and a great tour of the USS Alabama battleship museum in Mobile.

USS Alabama

Lance loves live music, so he was having a ball listening to all the local talent playing every night of the week. Our marina even has a small bar called the Bent Oar which has music 7 nights a week. Our favorite place for music in this area is the famous Flora-Bama. The music we heard at the "Bama" was the highlight of our week. The musicians in this area are amazingly talented.

The Flora-Bama

It was hard to say goodbye to Lance and JoEllen. They made last week a really special one for us.


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  1. Appears to me that you and Lance are a couple of lazy bums! LOL