Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Taking "Carol and Dave" For A Ride

A gorgeous day for a bike ride aboard our Dahon Boardwalk folding bikes which we named "Carol" and "Dave" after some wonderful people. We pedaled along Canal Street until we found the local library, where we signed up for a card. Nice library with a beautiful view of the water.

Next we made our way to our condo building on the Gulf shore. Our truck has been sitting there for the past 2 months waiting for our return. We plan to use the Toyota until we untie the dock lines here to sail south. Then the truck will likely be sold before we leave. The truck started right up, but the old serpentine belt must have dried out too much from all the sitting and it shredded itself right away. Oh well, another project for Mike.

We headed back toward Bear Point Marina having a lovely bike ride. We scooted along until we saw a sign for the Pleasure Island Tiki Bar. Hmmmm, it is lunch time and a cold beer sounds pretty good. As we pulled up we knew we had made a good diversion. A dockside tiki bar with a perfect view of the water and our condo in the distance. Mike loved the odd mermaid and pirate figures adorning the bar. The food was reasonably priced, the beer was cold and we were happy campers.

We're trying to go slow.

After paying for our meal we walked around to the front side of the bar to find a sandy beach with a very cozy mini tiki hut for two just waiting for us. We settled into the shade of the tiki hut on it's soft padding and just reveled in the spot we were in.

Our little bike ride only covered 17 miles, but it painted a lovely picture of our future and retirement.




  1. Wonderful story but who is the pirate in the rafters? And...why Carol and Dave? I'm sure there's a story here. Glad to hear you are roughing it down there as we prepare for winter up here!