Friday, October 2, 2015

Laid Back Days


As we sit in Carrabelle (waiting for a couple of decent sailing days) the time just seems to disappear. We've checked out the Visitor's Center, an old fashioned ice cream parlor, a couple of restaurants, a local history museum, a house made out of glass bottles by a local artist and the usual stores.

Brenda has done some sewing projects and Mike actually broke out his wood carving tools to create another character. Mike started carving a basic caricature face without a clue as to what he was making. As the face and hat developed Mike decided the man looked like a tough old dock worker, so that is what it became.

Tonight our new friends, John and Nancy aboard Dixsea, invited us to Fathoms, a local restaurant/bar for a couple of drinks. We love to listen to these accomplished cruisers talk about their 10 year sailing adventure. They have such incredible memories of their trips. Meeting them has been one of the highlights of our adventure so far. Truly nice people that we are happy to call friends.


We are enjoying our long visit here in Carrabelle, but it is time for a weather window to appear. Next stop - Apalachicola.


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  1. Happy to hear all is well. Would this be called a character carving a character? Ha!!! He has a real talent for this. How about wooden Christmas tree ornaments? Or a chess set?